Irritations, please?

Good to see you!

I am Theresa.

I love pulling people out of their comfort zone.

Because the non-comfort zone is my favorite zone.

is your prime partner to help you unfold the full potential of your employees,

turning them into motivated high-performing teams.

I train, inspire and enable them.

IRRETATION TRAININGS e. U. is dedicated to its mission towards 3 of the United Nations SDGs

by combining educational content. target group and focus of its services on:

Educational Focus


Self Management - Work smarter not harder

Digitization costs time, time is money, and money is something no company wants to invest after large digitization projects. I show you how to work with and not against the digitalized everyday work with efficiency - and above all with focus and fun.

Lean Administration - Structure is half the battle

Often you can't see the forest for the trees - or the whole process due to departmental thinking? I help you to analyze and optimize your processes, communication and information flows in a simple way - with the help of the famous Lean Mindset.

Target Group: Employees, professionals and managers who want to get more out of their (working) time.

Corporate Culture 4.0

Robots don't have to have them, but as long as people work together, that's our most important USP for digitization and AI. A strong corporate culture requires exactly what makes us human: empathy and trust. That's what we can to learn (again).

High Performance Project Teams

The highest pain that projects suffer from is a lack of communication and expensive fire fighting. Good news: as soon as your project members know some certain set of pm-skills and have the required team mindset, you'll definitely meet your project targets by far!

Target Group: Expert groups, departments or project teams that need to work really close together.

Green Skills for Green Jobs

The world goes green, which is why certain industries have high demands and desperately need professionals. What we needed for NEW WORK is now specifically relevant for employees in Green Jobs: Complex problem solving skills, a clear strategy, efficient project management and, above all, personal responsibility determines green success!

Supportive Leadership

Narcism is not a disease, it is a form of self-protection. In management what often counts is surviving. On this way you might lose many capable employees if you act alike, since micro-management and arrogance are quite outdated. What managers really need is a service mindset to hold good employees. This can be trained successfully.

Target Group: Engineers, Professionals and Professionals who want to outdo themselves.

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up to EUR 5 million in trade, industry and public administration

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completed in the form of (online) workshops, moderations and key note speeches

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shape my authentic and humble life experience

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