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All educational formats offered focus on employee development in the following skillsets:


teamwork makes the dream work
Working across different generations, cultures or nations is challenging - project cost can explode.

I help you to save labor and project costs by training your staff on the social skills that they need.


process, project and strategy
When companies grow fast, it is easy to lose track. On top of that, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

I help your organization to reinvent your competetive advantage by working out the big picture.


focus instead of failure

If your employees are either unmotivated, overworked, underchallenged or simply uninformed, your labor costs hold potential.

I help them to get more things done in less time, overall with more focus, structure and fun.

You can't digitize the human success factor. But you can train your staff successfully to:


My offer for you

Inhouse Trainings

... is to empower, enable and train your employees on your specific needs

1 - 3 days

Online Trainings

Distance is no hurdle for us!

4 - 8 hours

Key Note

... is to inspire your audience within events 

< 2 hours

Moderation & Organization

... is to realize creative strategy workshops or stunning project kick-off events

1 - 3 days

Courses & Long-term support

... in order to make education sustainable by realizing the the training focus regularily


Project Lead

... is to fully realize your internal or customer project together with your team


Why go with Theresa?

4 good reasons

... for managing your educational needs with IRRETATION TRAININGS:

1. Thank god I'm an engineer

All training focuses are based on valuable professional experience where technology meets social competence.

2. The non-comfort zone is my favorite zone

Sustainable learning experience with irritating WOW-moments.

3. Interactive and sustainable

I let knowledge apply instead of giving rigid theory input.

4. My values, my principles

#power, #efficiency and #eye-level


Horst Binderlehner

Plant Manager

"The strategy workshop with Theresa was excellently prepared, characterized by interactive transfer tasks that strongly drew the participants out of their comfort zone. This is especially important in strategy work to think innovatively and future-oriented."

Stefanie Salfinger

Direct Sales

"Theresa knows how to skillfully evoke questions in the participants through her qualified and expert input, which broadens their own horizons of awareness. Creatively and skillfully, this solution-oriented approach weaves itself through her entire rhetoric, whereby the first results become visible for the participants very quickly."

Sabrina Maletic

SCM Professional

"I really appreciate Theresa, as she is an extremely creative, fun and competent person full of motivation and commitment to each of her projects. Thanks to her efficient way of working and her diverse experience, she is able to master each of her projects - clear recommendation!"

Michaela Schober


"In preparation for my presentation, Theresa taught me a lot about communication, self-management and strategy. Through self-recognition and a shared passion to get straight to the goal, a great project in the healthcare sector for Upper Austria was made possible and initiated. Above all, I was able to experience that I can believe in myself as a woman."

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